Materials FiPur® – high performance in several ways

As a consequence of a strategic project of Fietz Group, an efficient polyurethane development department has been built up in the last year. From the developmental pilot, Fietz Group now derives its impetus for the innovative portfolio of high performance polyurethanes. The first marketable TPUs have been tailored according to the latest findings and based on many years of experience in fluid power applications. For example, in terms of hardness, friction, abrasion, chemical resistance, temperature range etc.. 

For an optimal positioning of the individual products, it is absolutely necessary to accurately establish or develop the right material with the specific matching properties. Since the synthesis of these TPUs is handled completely in-house, building, and property profile can be precisely controlled.

   FiPur 180 Werkstoff   FiPur 110 Werkstoff   FiPur 150 Werkstoff   

          FiPur 180 Werkstoff   FiPur 190 Werkstoff   FiPur 200 Werkstoff   


  • The newly developed polyurethane portfolio is fully compatible with the applicable regulations as WEEE, electrical and electronic equipment waste 2002/96/ EC and RoHS EC Directive 2011/65/ EU.
  • Also our own TPU materials are free of paint-wetting impairment substances (LABS free).

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 FiPur® Materials