Gas Springs

Sealing systems in gas springs

FiPur®  the innovative TPU-material family  provides benefits ensuring
a perfect functioning and long life service of gas springs

  • excellent wear resistance
  • low gas permeabilities
  • resistance to nitrogen
  • avoid explosive decompression
  • high reserve for overheating the components (e.g. implementation of enamel)

Over time the introduced volume of gas is decomposed by permeation and interfacial losses. To extend this process FiPur seals contribute significantly. Another important criterion for the selection of this sealing material in gas springs is the resistance to the lubricants used. For the choice of the right material, we are able to perform significant compatibility tests in our own laboratory.

Products for gas springs

Piston seals · Rod seals · O-rings · Special seals


Standard materials

  Standard material: FiPur® 100  

   Cold material: FiPur® 110     
FiPur Sonderwerkstoff   Special materials


FiPur® Brochure Applications

 FiPur® Applications