Products for High Pressure Pumps - Innovative Sealing Systems from FiPur®

High-pressure washer sealing for pumps and spray wands used with cleaning additives


Requirements / Tasks

  • High-pressure plunger seal
  • Pressure: > 500 bar
  • Temperature: > 0°C to +80°C
  • Media: Water and cleaning additives
  • Lifespan: > 1000 h Professional pumps

Common design:
 NBR O-ring with back-up ring



  • Possible improper assembly location of the required back-up ring
  • Elastomer O-ring could be extruded from the groove
  • Two components results in higher costs and logistics
  • High wear of the elastomer O-ring


New design: FiPur® O-Ring, 12 x 2 in FiPur® 200, one-piece



User´s benefit

  • Safe solution for all permissible temperatures and media
  • Cost savings through one-piece solution
  • Reduced operating cost due to extension of maintenance cycles


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