Blockable gas springs

Innovative Sealing Systems from FiPur®


  • Reliable sealing system consisting Piston Seal, Rod Seal, Wiper, Wear Ring and O-Ring
  • Pressure: > 400 bar
  • Temperature: > -25°C to +110°C
  • Media: High additive packaged oils
  • Lifespan: > 7.000h
  • Resistance to compressed nitrogen

Common design: Standard hydraulic elements 


  • High friction values
  • Limited media resistance
  • High wear and extrusion for the dynamic seals
  • Increased leakage at low temperatures
  • Destruction of the wiper due to hydrolysis if commodity PU materials are in use


New design: Fietz sealing systems for blockable gas springs

  • Special designed wear rings, seals and wipers for permanent and reliable use
  • Tailor-made FiPur® materials: FiPur® 100, FiPur® 110, FiPur® 200
  • Mini O-Ring solution made of FiPur® 100 for the valve


User´s benefit

  • Reliable sealing system for specified application temperatures and media
  • Reduced operating cost due to extension of maintenance cycles


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