Innovative Sealing Systems from FiPur® - For Gas-Fittings, LPG, CNG and Hydrogen Tanks


  • Tough and gastight seal for valves and couplings
  • Pressure: LPG 14 bar, CNG 250 bar, up to 700 bar for hydrogen
  • Temperature: -50° to 80°C
  • Resistant against Hydrogen, CNG and LPG
  • Low permeability
  • Lifecycle: >10,000 h


Common design: O-Ring with Back up Ring 


  • Larger installation spaces for combination with Back Up Ring
  • Higher permeability of gas through the use of elastomers
  • Latent risk of fault caused by explosive decompression
  • Mechanical damages caused by coupling processes

New design: 

  • Robust FiPur® O-ring or Formed Part
  • Tailor mad low-temperature TPU (TR10-50°C)



User´s benefit

  • Reliable and durable sealing solution
  • Outstanding flexibility at low temperatures


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