Solution / Application technology

We want to be a partner for the customer

Specifications  ·  Idea  · Test/Evaluation  ·  Seal Product

There are open issues, e. g. complaints in connection to the target application

You would like to improve your existing product

You have a fluid-technical target application and still do not have the matching sealing material solution

You have a precise requirement profile and expect a partner, who provides an efficient solution from the creation to the series production


These are all tasks that we face

Since our passion is the line of suspense drawn from the idea to the development and finally to the production of a customized series.

In an informative meeting with the customer all requirements are gathered. The material features as well as the desired resulting product properties are accurately recorded. Upon having a suitable material, we can make product prototypes on a short term. If this is not the case, we are also able to develop a suitable material in a short time.

Based on our seal technical expertise and knowledge of recoverable material properties, we create a requirement profile for your product by means of which we start the developing project that eventually leads to an efficient, validated solution. In our well-equipped materials laboratory, we approach the issue with standardized testing methods. Every material we develop is fully specified.  

FiPur® – from the idea to the end!