Fietz Material Laboratory – providing material security

The second important component of our innovation program relates to our materials laboratory. By introducing further material analysis - and test equipment, we are able to provide differentiated material descriptions of our newly developed TPU materials. 

In addition to comprehensive physical property profiles, we determine both the thermo-mechanical properties and the thermo-caloric. The resistance of our materials in all market-relevant media such as hydraulic fluids, greases, detergents, and process liquids of all kind are analyzed here. We have constructed several experimental stations, by means of which we are able to meaningfully evaluate the chemical stability of polyurethanes.

In sum, like this we form comprehensive, accurately documented material property profiles that are essential as a basis to meet customer requirements.

Standard laboratory tests

Physical tests

  • shore hardness (A and D) (DIN 53 505)
  • tensile strength (DIN 53 504)
  • stress-strain tests, E-module
  • compression set (DIN 53 517)
  • resilience (DIN 53 512)
  • tear strength (DIN 53 515)


Additional material tests

  • media overlays/ swelling
  • permanent hydrolysis test
  • differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • compression set (DIN 53 517)
  • we have access to university research institutes, through which we can identify special properties of interes, for instance, regarding the frictional performance of our materials



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