Guiding Rings

FiPur® Guiding rings in hydraulics

• Eliminate metal-to-metal contact
• Wide range of fluid compability
• Low friction due to excellent tribological properties of guiding elements
• Ease of installation and assembly
• Withstands lateral forces

The primary task of these guide elements, which are designed for low coefficients of friction and high wear resistance, is to absorb the lateral forces acting on the rod and piston and reliably prevent metal-to-metal contact. As a result, both, the service life of the hydraulic cylinder and the overall efficiency of the system, are substantially improved.

For advanced requirements piston-and rod guide rings can also be made from fabricreinforced thermosetting plastics, PEEK or PTFE materials.

FiPur® Guiding rings in pneumatics

A pneumatic piston has to be guided appropriately. For this purpose, we provide suitable PTFE carbon based guiding rings.


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