Sealing products for pneumatics

The demands on leakage behavior and service life in connection with the sealing systems used, will continue to increase also in pneumatic cylinders. Fietz Group is able to produce a wide range of seal types commonly installed in pneumatic cylinders and the corresponding control elements based on high-performance polyurethanes:


 Sealing products pneumatics

  • piston seals (FiPur® 180)
  • seal/ wiper ring combination (FiPur® 100, FiPur® 110 FiPur® 200)
  • cushioning rings (FiPur® 100, FiPur® 110)
  • guiding rings (PTFE with carbon)
  • valve seals (FiPur® 100, FiPur® 180, special materials)
  • multifunctional composite solutions (FiPur® 180 in combination with hard thermoplastics for instance polyamides)

The stated standards can be applied in the range of -30°C to 85°C. Short overheating, as they occur in lacquer roads are tolerated by our FiPur materials. If a solution to -50°C is required, we can provide this as well. Whether standard cylinders according to ISO 6431, short-stroke, miniaturized versions, valve technology or stainless steel cylinder for food applications, we work out a suitable and high quality solution.


FiPur® Brochure Applications

 FiPur® Applications