Best Basic Properties

Excellent basic properties for FiPur®

  • for highly wear-resistant, dynamic sealing elements
  • on pressures (up to 400 bar)
  • with resulting durabilities of >>1.000 Km
  • higher safety to avoid leakages under real operational conditions reducing maintenance costs and environmental damages
  • FiPur® 100 and FiPur® 110 are excellently suitable for synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oils (HLPD etc.) noticeable due to the low swelling rates
  • both materials can be applied in temperatures of up to 110°C and shortly even (in case of enamel) higher 
  • For rapidly biodegradable pressure transmission media, for instance, as at HEES or HETG fluids, we can offer FiPur® 200 with significantly lower chemical resistance
  • Our TPUs are tailored to optimum installation conditions: In general, we achieve the best conditions for our polyurethane seals for an easy installation
  • With FiPur® 110 as an additional option, we are able to provide solutions for extreme degrees of cold (-48°C) without compromising in terms of the wear behavior

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