Rod Seals

FiPur®- Rod Seals in hydraulics

Piston rod seals: U-rings that are used for dynamic stem seal and static seal in the installation space represent a very demanding application.

This seal forms should – in order to avoid external leakage – seal very well.

Bias, the sealing lip geometry, the material hardness, and elasticity shall be adjusted to the existing system and parameters such as pressure, sliding speed, rod surface, gap width etc.. 

FiPur®- Rod Seals
 in pneumatics

In the area of rod seals, lip rings are combined with an additional wiper lip. It can allow two functions to be integrated in a so-called sealing and wiping element. For this application, a material with a higher hardness is required. The material of choice in this case is FiPur® 100.

Optionally, we are also able to provide special solutions for special applications.

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FiPur® Rod Seals

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