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FiPur® is [elastic, sealing, resilient, wear-resistant, assembly-robust] The ideal mix making up your product!

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Custom Polyurethane

Since decades, the group of Fietz companies has dealt with extensive sealing technology problems. We therefore represent expertise in the areas application technology, materials, and manufacturing techniques.

Within the global sealing industry, polyurethanes have turned into a dominant class of materials in the last decade. Their features are now seen as an important prerequisite when it comes to enabling for instance innovative components or systems with a longer service life and reliable functionality. Upon founding a development department and as a result of custom products of a high performance FiPur polyurethane portfolio, we have taken up this trend consistently.

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Rotors, valves, cylinders, rods, pistons, shock absorbers


Hydraulics, gas springs, industry, food process technology

Wiping lips

Pneumatics, hydraulics, gas springs


Hydraulics, pneumatics

Back-up rings

Hydraulics, gas springs, industry, food process technology

Lip seals

Hydraulics, gas springs, industry, food process technology

Special applications / innovative products

Gas springs, pneumatics, industry, food process technology

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