FiPur®- O-Rings from TPU 

Polyurethane O-rings are perfectly suitable for static and likewise dynamic sealing points. 
Having a very high performance capacity they represent:

  • a high structural strength and abrasion resistance
  • an extremely good extrusion resistance
  • applications up to 300/400 bars without anti-extrusion ring 
  • good mineral oil resistance 
  • low permeation rates on different process gases
  • low susceptibility to explosive decompression
  • application basis between (-50°C) -30°C and 110°C

On the basis of further developed polyurethanes:

  • excellent low temperature behavior (up to -50°C on FiPur 110)
  • high resistance in contact with hydrolyzed media (e. g. water, organic oils, alkaline thickened grease, acidic cleaners)

Applications fields are: pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and gas springs, gas valves, high pressure water pumps, valve technology, quick-release couplings, hydraulic valve blocks, food filling machines etc..
The newly developed FiPur-Portfolio is able to compy with the indicated features.