What makes different, the company Fietz, from the competition?

Fast paths, high flexibility, medium-sized company, own polyurethane-development, in-house materials laboratory, 20 years of experience.

Is FiPur® Material sold?

No, you get the complete solution, tailored to your requirements and needs as a finished product.

What information is needed for an inquiry?

In dialogue with your product development we can work on the basis of the technical data for the right material and the ideal manufacturing process according to your requirement profile.

At what volume is a development useful?

We supply customized solutions from small to large series.

Do you produce environmentally friendly and sustainably?

We use environmentally friendly raw material on a sustainable raw material basis, making optimum use of energy and avoiding waste.

What's FiPur®?

FiPur® is a new family of high-performance materials based on polyurethanes that are processed on a thermoplastic basis.

How is the quality assured?

The approval to manufacturing only takes place when the material has met all specification parameters.

 Will FiPur® still exist in 10 years?

The FiPur® business model is designed to cooperate with our customers. The individually developed products are future-oriented with a long service life. Both aspects merged into one, is the best basis for continuous growth.

FiPur® will be an integral component in this development. Fietz Group is managed as a multi-generational family-run company clearly considering the development of customized products as tomorrow's market. The high initial investments find their payback only on the long run

Where does the expertise come from?

We have decades of experience in the field of sealing technology. In our ranks are highly experienced employees that transform with high decision reliability the customer requirements into technical solutions. We also work on the basis of long-term projects, in close cooperation with university institutes, on high-performance materials for the requirements of tomorrow's markets.

Would you also develop custom sealing solutions for us?

On the basis of your requirement profile we provide sealing solutions that integrate both material and geometry.

Does the customer receive detailed material data sheets?

More than that: we issue detailed material specification that include predefined the minimum and the maximum values

Could you tell us some of customer references?

No, customer protection enjoy highest priority at our company. An important measure that benefits you too!

Do you offer a product catalog?

No. We produce custom solutions in specific accordance with the application.

How much time do you need to provide a product solution in FiPur®?

Depends on the task, requirements, and specifications, the development process can be completed in a few weeks. From experience, we know that the final solution can be released after about 12 weeks to series.

The more complex the product requirements, the more time we generally need, in extreme cases up to six months.

Why should we apply FiPur®?

FiPur® is a custom material for the High Performance Sealing Technology forming the newest evolution stages in the field of polyurethane sealings with all their positive properties.