Process control valves for the food industry

Innovative Sealing Systems from FiPur®


  • Reliable sealing system consisting of valve seals and O-rings
  • Maximum pressure 200 bar
  • Temperature > 15°C to + 110°C
  • Media compatibility: milk, beer, spirits, wine, juice, pastes, cleaning fluids and disinfectants
  • Greases in alignment with USDA-H1
  • Service life > 7000h

Common solution: Elastomer seals


  • High friction
  • Limited media resistances
  • Short maintenance intervals, higher wear
  • Risk of damage from assembly


New designFietz sealing system for food- and process industry

  • Optimized sealing geometry tailor made for long-term used shut off valves
  • Lower friction
  • Tailor made for food contact applications - FiPur® 201 is approved according to EC 1935/2004 and US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

User`s benefit

  • Reliable sealing system for any emerging temperatures and media
  • Permanent resistance in USDA-H1 based lubricants
  • Low wear, higher reliability
  • Good assembly behaviour, easy snap-in into the installation grooves
  • No contamination risk due to the extensive tested material for food simulants

FiPur®  Case studies

 FiPur® Case studies

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FiPur®  Material Specifications

 Material Specifications FiPur® 201