Lockable Industrial Gas Spring

Products for Industrial Gas Springs - Innovative Sealing Systems from FiPur®

Core Requirements  

•  Reliable Sealing System – Rod Seal, Wiper, Wear Ring, Piston Seal, O-Ring
•  Max. pressure up to > 200 bar
•  Temperature < -25°C bis + 110°C
•  Media: Special oils with additives
•  Service Lifetime > 7.000h   


Common Design

•  Standard hydraulic seals 


Disadvantages of Current Design

•  High friction
•  Limited resistance against special oils
•  High wear rate of all seals
•  Risk of wiper deterioration by hydrolyses 


New Design

•  Special designed wiper & seal
•  Tailored FiPur® materials 


User‘s Benefits

•  Reliable solution suitable for all temperatures and media
•  Savings due to very low rate of complaints